We Are Resource Innovations Inc.

We are a professional consulting firm, specializing in forest and environmental management, geomatics,
digital analysis of the natural environment, and the development of custom tools and processes
using Geographic Information Systems. Our projects promote healthy forest ecosystems,
sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Our work speaks for itself! It’s more than just completing projects on-time and on-budget. It’s
about collaborating with clients, partners, and friends, and working together with people in the
communities that support our operations.

Our Services

GIS Solutions

Design, development and management of geospatial solutions and integration of mobile data collection tools and applications into web-based analytical solutions for the GIS and non-GIS user.

Resource Management

Design of resource management solutions and creation of ecosystem-based data sets that characterize the land base and it’s natural resources. Integration, analysis and management of geospatial data to support sound decision making.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Collection and processing of high resolution aerial imagery, multispectral imagery and LiDAR data to characterize and analyze the natural and anthropogenic landscape.

Environmental Management

Collection, analysis and monitoring of environmental data to enhance development projects while maintaining healthy ecosystems. Design and integration of analytical tools and processes to increase the efficiency of environmental monitoring efforts.

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"When you bring the Resource Innovations Team onside, you’ll see how Our Performance leads to Your Success!"

Adam Anderson – President & CEO - Resource Innovations Inc.

Our Management Team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table. The team is motivated by management staff with equally diverse skills, boundless creativity and strong ambition!


Adam Anderson, RPF, EP

President & CEO


Andrew Penney, RPF

Division Manager, Natural Resources


Adrian Ricketts

Division Manager, GIS


Some of the Projects We’ve Completed!

Our team is not limited geographically and no project is too far or too remote. We work with a variety of partnering companies across North America
to enable our team to stay mobile and provide services throughout Canada and the world!

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