Adrian Ricketts

Division Manager, GIS

Adrian Ricketts is the GIS and UAS Division manager at Resource Innovations Inc. With a background in Natural Resource and Geomatics disciplines, Adrian holds a diverse capacity in the academic studies of geographic information systems and forest management.

Adrian has extensive experience in the field of geomatics and forest management through his years of working within the natural resources fields and his diverse experience range from geophysical planning and UAS operation within the Oil & Gas industry in Western Canada to advanced technology development and transfer for terrestrial based resources during several years of employment within the College of the North Atlantic, Newfoundland and Labrador’s public college. Adrian has also developed diverse experience in technology deployment methodologies through collaborative partnerships with Memorial University, Marine Institute and ACAP Humber Arm to name a few. During Adrian’s career within the Oil & Gas sector, he gained further experience developing and deploying advanced geomatics technologies within geophysical applications for entities such as Apache Canada, Husky Canada and Cenovus Energy.

At Resource Innovations Inc., Adrian manages all things technical. From hardware and software integration, database administration and web based GIS application development to Unmanned Aerial Systems operation and deployment, it is Adrian’s priority to ensure your data is managed efficiently and effectively, so you can focus on the decisions that matter the most to you!

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