Environmental Management

Our Environmental Management division specializes in the collection, analysis and monitoring of environmental data to enhance development projects while maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Environmental Effects Monitoring

We design software applications and put the necessary infrastructure and personnel in place to monitor the effects that development projects have on the environment. Customized assessment and reporting tools inform managers and project planners which in turn enables sound decision-making that leads to successful projects!

Vegetation Assessments

We utilize field-based data, high-resolution orthophotography, multi-spectral imagery and GIS to determine the type, quality and quantity of forest and vegetation resources on a landscape.

Using enterprise-tier GIS infrastructure, we deploy the results of these analysis within web-based GIS solutions to deliver data-driven resource information via custom geoprocessing tools and applications.

Wetland Classification and Mapping

Our team is trained and certified to delineate and classify wetlands and has extensive experience in flora identification and depth class mapping on wetland sites. We use field-based data, multi-spectral imagery and GIS analysis results to determine wetland types, leading to sound and informed decision-making around wetland management.

Baseline Surveys and Monitoring

We help our clients determine appropriate baseline data to monitor and achieve their goals. Using custom-developed geoprocessing tools, we assist the client in collecting baseline environmental information against which to monitor. Customized GIS-enabled monitoring and reporting tools keep environmental managers and project planners informed, enabling sound decision-making that leads to the successful mega-project execution.

Research and Development

Through partnerships with various educational institutions, research bodies, funding agencies and other partners, our team is committed to collaboration on research initiatives that promote innovation and sustainability in resource management.