Resource Management

Forest Management Planning

We work with industry, government, and NGOs to ensure forest management planning incorporates sound decision-making using innovative tools and technologies. We help our clients develop long-term forest management strategies that promote sustainability and innovation, and incorporates efficiencies that reduce forest management costs.

Web GIS Application Development

We specialize in developing customized forest management solutions that combine the latest in spatial technology with advanced operational planning tools. We work with our clients to package solutions within a seamless web-based application that enables the client to visualize and assess their operations from their mobile phone or laptop!

Whether it is tracking your equipment in real-time, monitoring equipment production, tracking harvest volume, or identifying the most cost-effective road placement option, we design web applications that enable advanced GIS analysis of your resource, without the costly software and advanced training!

Remote Sensing

With a team of dedicated GIS experts, we can process and manage remotely sensed data and analyze the results unique to your application. We utilize state of the art geospatial technologies to interpret various datasets such as LiDAR, orthophotography and UAS derived optical data in a 3D environment.

Operational Harvest Planning

We work with our clients to develop custom solutions that optimize harvesting operations. Our goal is to ensure that forest resources are sustainably managed, and our clients have the toolsets necessary to increase operational efficiency while reducing environmental impacts and harvesting costs.

We use field-based data, high-resolution orthophotography, multi-spectral imagery and advanced GIS to analyze forest resources to prepare operational plans. The result is an increase in production and efficiency while reducing associated harvest costs.