Unmanned Aerial Systems

Resource Innovations specializes in the operation of unmanned aerial systems and the integration of UAV in multi-sector applications. Our team has multi-sector experience in the deployment of RPAS across the country, and is recognized by Transport Canada and NAV Canada in UAS operations. We have the certification, expertise, and experience to integrate UAS into your project, no matter the application!

UAV in Forestry

UAVs have a direct fit in forestry applications. Whether it’s updating an operational inventory, monitoring your operation in real-time, or performing EMS inspections, UAVs are an excellent utility to enhance the management of your forest resource!

UAV in Agriculture

Utilizing UAVs within the agriculture industry can have a direct impact on crop yields and early detection of pest or disease. We specialize in the acquisition of multi-spectral and optical aerial imagery for the monitoring of crop production. A UAV can monitor crop production and identify areas of drought, disease and pest infestation. The early detection of potential crop stress is key in maximizing yield and reducing costs associated with crop damage and loss.

UAV in Mining and Surveying

UAV is an excellent resource in performing high-precision aerial surveys in mining and survey applications. Using RTK survey control and GCP post-processing, UAVs can augment conventional survey and produce hundreds of thousands of X,Y,Z points. The 3D point clouds created using UAV are sub-decimeter in precision, and can be produced in a fraction of the time associated with conventional survey such as Faststatic or RTK survey.

Whether surveying a stockpile for sub-metre volumetric computation or monitoring for change-detection, UAV can significantly reduce the time necessary to create big-data 3D point clouds and digital elevation or terrain models!

UAV in Natural Disaster Response

Our teams are experienced with working with search and rescue (SAR) and first responders to utilize UAV in the monitoring and assessment of natural disasters as they occur. Using advanced remote sensing technology, terrain modeling and 3D point cloud analysis, UAV is an excellent tool in assessing for change detection and disaster mitigation. We can monitor the landscape and identify areas prone to further damage and mitigate the impacts of future natural disasters. These applications can range from the identification of proper culvert placement, flow rate and run-off modeling to flood plain analysis.

With appropriate planning and advanced GIS analysis, UAV can significantly reduce the costs associated with natural disasters and further reduce the impact of future disaster.

UAV in Tourism

UAV is the perfect marketing tool within the tourism industry! Our team can assess your project’s needs, and determine the right tool for the job. Whether it’s capturing 4K video, aerial streaming of a live event, or capturing spectacular video and photography to showcase your product, our team can perform the collection and post-processing of video and aerial media custom to your specific needs!

GIS Application Development and Integration

Our teams specialize in the collection and processing of UAS data, be it high-resolution orthophotography, aerial video, or post-processed 3D point cloud datasets. However, it doesn’t end there. UAS data is big data!

We specialize in developing GIS applications that integrate UAS-derived data with other multi-source datasets. This reduces the time required to deliver data, provides the client with a means of analyzing the data, and provides a platform for hosting, measuring and integrating UAS data in their projects!

Research and Development

Our team is committed to continuously paving the way in innovation and technology integration among industry. We collaborate with other industry partners and institutions and strive to continuously improve on the way we integrate UAS technology!